Pregnancy Massage• Full Body Massages


Pregnant mothers can’t stand the agony of constant aches and pains. Contact Essential Healing for Pregnancy Massage services.  Pregnancy massage helps relieve the stress and aches associated with pregnancy.  A professinal massage therapist will relieve the pain caused by softening bones.  When pregnant your muscles, joints and ligaments get tired. With a weekly massage Nicole will relieve muscular pain.  You’ll have less low back and pelvic pain.  Sleeping or lying down will be less painful and tiresome.

Pregnancy Massage will lower your stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and headaches.  When you’re pregnant you don’t get to relax as much.  Getting frequent massages is one of the few times you get to relax!  Nicole Howard, LMP is an experienced pregnancy massage therapist.  Her techniques are non-invasive. 

  • Provides emotional and physical support
  • Reduces anxiety in moms
  • Encourages and reassures the expecting mother
  • Certified pregnancy massage to reduce muscular pain

Massage During Pregnancy & Relaxation Massages


Pregnancy Massage is the safe and natural way to relieve muscular tension and pain.   Relaxation massages relieve headaches and calms your nerves.  Pregnancy Massage stops muscular cramps and painful trigger points.  Pregnancy massage increases your flexibility, so your body easily adjusts to your changing shape.  Nicole Howard is the Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist you can count on.  She offers pregnancy massage before, during and after your child is born.  She’ll help you relax between contractions, reduce pain and provide emotional support.

  • Relieves muscular tension and pain
  • Reduces tension-type and pregnancy headaches
  • Reduces worry over your delivery
  • Helps your body adjust to changing shape
  • Relaxes your body between contractions
  • Provides emotional support during delivery
  • Numerous other breathing techniques

Massage Therapist


Nicole Howard, LMP is well-trained as a massage therapist. She’ll help your aching body find relaxation. Nicole Howard, LMP will help you develop improved posture and a healthy pregnancy.  Nicole's true desire is caring for others and their well being drives her massage therapy business.  Knowing how important personal touch is for people and their healing process allows Nicole to do her job with passion.  Nicole truly can relax you and allow your lifestyle to find comfort during the long pregnancy process. 

  • Encourage Relaxation
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Helps Manage Pain
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Improves Circulation

Get the essential healing and relaxation you need.  Schedule your massage or Pregnancy Massages with Nicole Howard, LMP today!